Overbit: Best Bitcoin Trading Platform for Nigerians

Bitcoin trading is growing in Nigeria with thousands of youths investing in the popular coin. However, there are several problems that traders from Nigeria face including high transaction fees, slow payouts, and hidden costs. Other crypto exchanges that have been developed by Nigerians tend to fall short with poor security and difficulty in getting payouts.

What is Overbit?

Overbit is an excellent platform that eliminates these problems and adds extra features that allow traders to experience optimal trading platform. Overbit is essentially a Bitcoin derivative trading platform that allows traders to make cross digital asset trading. This means that you can trade for another cryptocurrency, Forex, and Metals using Bitcoin as the base currency.  With this, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies or digital assets.

Key Features of Overbit

Trade Flexibility

One of the major features of  Overbit is flexibility in trading. On the platform, you can trade Bitcoin with different digital assets with no restrictions. This means that if you are interested in Forex and crypto trading rather than running two different platforms. You can have both trades on a single platform. This helps in uniformity and enables quick market gains as you can switch from one market to the other within seconds.

0% trading fees

Overbit does not charge trading fees from users, unlike other crypto exchange platforms. With Overbit, trading is easy as you can begin trading with the full value of your Bitcoin without any transaction costs. The crypto platform instead makes its gains through the ‘market spread’. Unlike other platforms, the spread is executed in a way that users can easily calculate their loss or profit without worrying about commissions or trading fees.

Unique Trading interface

Overbit has a unique interface that is designed to provide an optimal experience for users. On registration, you are provided with a simple but interactive platform that enables you to access the best trading options and features. You can easily access the FAQ section for information about the options on offer and become familiar with the platform within a few hours of registration.

Military Grade Security protocol

Overbit takes care of your digital assets (Bitcoin, Forex or Metals) using state of the art security protocols. Unlike other platforms that put customers bitcoins at risk, on Overbit your bitcoin is kept segregated, protected and stored in multi-signature cold wallets. This effectively means that there is zero chance of loss of bitcoins on the platform.  Co in terms of security, Overbit is among the best in the crypto exchange industry.

In addition, the platform does KYC checks, which mean that users are properly vetoed before registering on its platform. This helps reduce the chances of frauds between traders.

Advanced Charts

Every trader utilizes a chart as a guide for potential trends, or existing trends within the financial market. Some crypto platforms provide limited charting options or provide outdated historical data about markets on offer. However, Overbit trumps its rivals by offering a novel and up to date charting option. Users have different charting options to pick from which significantly increases the chances of the trader making informed and detailed trading decisions.

Quick Withdrawals

Overbit allows daily withdrawals from its platform. Users can make one withdrawal daily from the platform. The process is fairly simple and they normally take six hours to approve funds which is a decent period for a derivative exchange platform.

In conclusion, Overbit growing reputation and remarkable features on offer make the platform standout from its competition. It is therefore little surprise that many in Nigeria are turning to Overbit platform for buying and selling bitcoin.


  1. Coinbase is probably the most popular company today for buying bitcoins in the US. Coinbase offers a brokerage service as well as a trading platform (known as Coinbase Pro ). Their fees are considered to be among the lowest around but their services are limited to 33 countries worldwide. You can read my full Coinbase review here .


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